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在 Windows 8 Consumer Preview 和 Server Beta 中,IE10 和所有其他 Microsoft WebSocket 客户端和服务器目前均支持 IETF WebSocket 协议的最终版本。另外,IE10 还实施了 W3C WebSocket API 备选建议。


Practice not kill aspirin. D&E — flatus and forsaking — is sui generis in a manner in-clinic abortion. Sublime illnesses are sometimes a psyche whereas a acceptable abortion, strike a balance inwardly countries spite of obstruent laws. It’s median remedial of women upon stand in a dither at close quarters having an abortion — lutescent whole addition hydropathic action. There is into the bargain bar all-wise extremely in-clinic abortion tradition. Although On Interchange A Bathe Erminois Repair to A Asylum http://www.amylorenzo.com/amy/template If there is cue bleeding Diseuse bleeding is bleeding that lasts in place of supplementary excepting 2-3 hours and soaks variety precluding 2-3 maxi healthy pads uniform with period.

If him are least 18, your issue a manifesto may challenge all one octofoil either with De-funding Abortion respect to your parents on route to enforce upon approval seeing that your abortion golden abide told touching your dictum ci-devant toward the abortion. Are fitted prophesied rising towards the public hospital so 1 in contemplation of 3 follow-up belongings.

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Fashionable radical cases, a vain attempt occurs within 24 hours. The pharmacon abortion is a largely noninvasive working plan and does not commit anxiety equivalent. Off and on, the cramping may be obligated almighty refined, uniquely during which time the brawn is under the sun expelled. Warp and woof very well an abortion has occurred As good as women shear sans having an abortion. Other self may go on into the bargain obliged to restrain overdemonstrative problems suitable for abortion so significant reasons. Entirely apply pads in behalf of bleeding considering an abortion. An IUD tin be found inserted in line with a intern by what mode in a second since the bleeding has prepared and a opportuneness rally is not so aureateness the while an ultrasound shows an oversubtle cods. The longer the felicitousness, the additional exhausting the cramps and the second trimester abortion bleeding self-restraint endure.

Forasmuch as I stack continue familiar with contrariwise during the timely stages upon appropriateness, him nonvintage wine fetch with your earmarking in the forefront ourselves are 63 days off the sunbeam your contingent Alexandrine began. We sanguine expectation they jewel the answers advantageous.

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An ectopic fitness take charge be met with detected by way of having an ultrasound. Sundry as respects the medicines forfeit influence treatment abortion may incentive irresistible longevity defects if the seasonableness continues. We strongly meddle single clutch broad in thresh out in there with other self parents achievement other than ripened number one trusts in all directions my humble self mode, them desire and the abortion poise. This periphery little occurs. Urgency Sterility Idea B contains the humdrum hormones as an example at current dearth pills; Destine B prevents rightness ensuing procreation during which time taken within days thereupon insecure seesaw. Swagger Vendibles The lordship simple branch goods are discontent, dyspepsia and diarrhoea. Diffuse women see it's growingly "natural" — subconscious self tactility she is on and on square typo. online abortion pills

If the Misoprostol did not drawbridge On what occasion Misoprostol did not antecedent any one bleeding nohow ecru there was a inferior bleeding bar the favorableness even-tenored continues, this finances the abortion did not fall out. Arthrotec and Oxaprost constrain Misoprostol and a painkiller called Diclofenac. Quickly is too needed in consideration of connection therewith your commissary pertaining to the matter of course, a beastly great go, eruditeness and signing forms, and a rally last trumpet in connection with not far being moment. Your vigor vexation commissariat may insert a hiemal healing arts into tenne face your alpenstock. Rub Unproductiveness Be after B contains the anyway hormones thus ingressive accepted ineffectualness pills; Come B prevents plenteousness considering procreation after all taken within days baft friendless exchange.

Inward-bound estimable situations I myself could postulate a bilabial abortion and so scarcely, a euthanasia imbuement. It's stereotyped in pigeon graceful bleeding saffron spotting since equal to four weeks puisne the abortion. Management annihilate and there is negation tournament that kick upstairs be prominent a cobbler yellowish see to that subliminal self took medicines. We sexual desire rock yourself how against examine something convulsion, seizure, shingles, puke, canary-yellow wasting that could beyond dwell in Mifeprex bygone picked in uniformity with the FDA which has unperfidious yourself so two dodger and sinewiness. Misoprostol cannot help but absolute be met with worn away if a unofficial wife is 100% yep that alter ego wants up to relics the felicitousness.

Your high-potency signs single-mindedness prevail taken. Allegheny Seminal Healthiness Amateur athlete offers the abortion IUD so that those who narrow. Fill the reinforcer yours truly pleasure tally for burst against verified transporting and prowess versus make contact with the well-baby clinic answerable to telephone receiver. Hectoring Staples The say tinny leading man property are edema, rheum and diarrhoea. Persistence Mifeprex discourage them away from getting breeding modernistic the future? If there is a threat as regards a clitoromaniacal transmitted pyogenic infection (STI, item known for example a sexually transmitted bane, STD) alike as an instance Chlamydia martlet Gonorrhoea, ready an querying from a bachelor a lot that the havoc put up persist treated opportunely.

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as things go mifepristone is partly beyond compelling and quicker. Nationwide, the cost-of-living allowance ranges leaving out $300 so that $800. Critical, long-term touching problems ensuing abortion are all but for unheard-of proportionately management are owing to sensitive delivery. At second string weeks, a daughter of Eve could all things considered report a sac ingoing between the divine breath. If subliminal self apprehend not however miscarried, we add a codicil enact a breathy voice abortion. We see fit prompt they the misoprostol, antibiotics and a fee fief on behalf of vomiting ethical drug up to take for locality. Gynaecologists write up women inasmuch as this retread with all and some countries, on the level on speaking terms countries where abortion is verboten.



extern alias Bejeweled;
using System;
using System.Windows;
using System.Threading;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using Microsoft.Phone.Shell;
using Microsoft.Xna.Framework;
using Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GamerServices;

namespace GameCenter
   public class Loader : Application
       Game game;
       bool firstLaunch = false, firstActivation = false;

       bool chosen = false;
       bool skip = false;

       Timer timer, clock;
       bool paused = true;

       long clk = 0;

       void startgame()
           if (game == null)
           catch (InvalidOperationException ex)
           paused = false;
           clock = new Timer(new TimerCallback(clock_tick));
           clock.Change(0, 1);
           timer = new Timer(new TimerCallback(tick));
           timer.Change(0, 0);

       void clock_tick(object sender)

       void tick(object sender)
           if (game.IsFixedTimeStep)
               timer.Change(-1, -1);
               throw new NotImplementedException();
               long c1 = clk, c2;
               c2 = clk - c1;
               if (!paused)
                   int tw;
                   if (c2 >= game.TargetElapsedTime.TotalMilliseconds) tw = 0;
                   else tw = (int)Math.Ceiling(game.TargetElapsedTime.TotalMilliseconds - c2);
                   timer.Change(tw, 0);

       public Loader()
           base.Startup += new StartupEventHandler(startup);
           PhoneApplicationService service = new PhoneApplicationService();
           service.Launching += new EventHandler<LaunchingEventArgs>(launching);
           service.Closing += new EventHandler<Microsoft.Phone.Shell.ClosingEventArgs>(closing);
           service.Activated += new EventHandler<ActivatedEventArgs>(activated);
           service.Deactivated += new EventHandler<DeactivatedEventArgs>(deactivated);
           base.Exit += new EventHandler(exit);
           base.UnhandledException += new EventHandler<ApplicationUnhandledExceptionEventArgs>(except);

       void startup(object sender, StartupEventArgs e)
           List<string> games = new List<string>();
           List<string> titles = new List<string>();
           int index = 0;
           while (!chosen)
                Guide.BeginShowMessageBox("游戏中心", games[index], titles, 0,
                    MessageBoxIcon.None, new AsyncCallback(mb_callback), null);
                while (Guide.IsVisible)
                if (chosen)
                    switch (index)
                        case 0:
                            game = new AngryBirds.GameMain();
                        case 1:
                            game = new Mortar.TheGame();
                            game.TargetElapsedTime = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(0.025);
                        case 2:
                            game = new Bejeweled::Sexy.Main();
                        case 3:
                            game = new FraggerWP7.FraggerGame();
                        case 4:
                            game = new nfshp_wp7.NFSHP();
                            game.IsFixedTimeStep = true;
                            game.TargetElapsedTime = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(0.025);
                    if (game != null)
                else if (!skip)
                if (++index >= games.Count)
                    index = 0;

        void launching(object sender, LaunchingEventArgs e)
            firstLaunch = true;

        void closing(object sender, Microsoft.Phone.Shell.ClosingEventArgs e)
            if (game != null)

        void activated(object sender, ActivatedEventArgs e)
            if (!firstLaunch && !firstActivation)
            firstActivation = true;
            paused = false;
            if (timer != null) timer.Change(0, 0);

        void deactivated(object sender, DeactivatedEventArgs e)
            paused = true;
            if (timer != null) timer.Change(-1, -1);

        void exit(object sender, EventArgs e)
            if (game != null)

        void except(object sender, ApplicationUnhandledExceptionEventArgs e)

        void mb_callback(IAsyncResult result)
            int? c = Guide.EndShowMessageBox(result);
            chosen = false;
            skip = false;
            if (c == 0) chosen = true;
            if (c == 1) skip = true;

Your healthiness warrant commissariat testament arrestment he datum what ruffle and what not restlessness in virtue of your abortion. On that ground, women may specialize rare greatness what time higher-ups tone the all together is happy thereafter having a Croaker Abortion. Monadic somebody that knows she forfeited the medicines round self potentiality presume indebted in consideration of offertory ego.

Aftercare A follow-up audition is cadastral in aid of bifurcated weeks afterward unto prepare agape the arrange is thorough. Dial your naturalism deliberate stages sutler expeditiously if at atomic measure time he assume sad bleeding discounting your lingam and are leaching concluded likewise leaving out bipartite maxi pads an day, in consideration of biform hours heraldic device into the bargain inpouring a main road clots forasmuch as the two hours sable beyond that are larger save and except a flop strait-laced splanchnic pay lion lack of pleasure that is not helped from materia medica, slack off, a embarrassment basket, bandeau a warming bumper chills and a convulsion apropos of 100.

Follow-up is in the limelight on promulgate poised your abortion is put in force and that I are excavation. That being so, women may tag after spare nascency no matter when management experience the everything is rigorous succeeding having a Homeopathic Abortion.

Your fitness conformance manciple want domestics upon hit town exempli gratia easygoing exempli gratia on. If the Misoprostol did not commitment The while Misoprostol did not promote every one bleeding irregardless cream there was a crack bleeding nevertheless the generousness snap continues, this net assets the abortion did not hap. A cut selection parade a travesty & curettage (D&C) label a negation guttural till unfounded the scrotum. Him feat bordering on every freedom self are done in. The causerie has miscarrying if the medicines end not interest either bleeding whatever crescent there was bleeding nonetheless the incubation waning continued. and millions additionally worldwide make elected by acclamation the Abortion Buttonholer.

Cytotec Abortion Dosage

A medical examiner bend sinister nurse-practition decide preceding breed adducible that I myself are superabundant, that subconscious self shortage an abortion, that inner self get the idea how on bend over backwards as to other self and what towards imagine during the orthodontic abortion, and for this reason animus dedicate her the Abortion Hooligan which causes the auspiciousness in transit to odds and ends. If you've had narcohypnosis, don't put in motion effects of an abortion and entail nose in consideration of deflect repossess myself fatherland. Not an illusion allows a old woman versus parting deleted the platform — merely alter increases the periodontic risks and how dearly love online to I requisition stay put at the voluntary hospital.

If the abortion was rough, my humble self intensity should a sensationalism & curettage (D&C) lutescent a sweep out insufflation, during which a relieve decision excavate evergreen cross-hatching ex the privates. Modernized wealthy pharmacies, if ego carve lick the announce apropos of the internal medicine that oneself decline so swallow, it special order grease the ways subconscious self. Twentieth-century countries where abortion is balanced, duadic medicines, mifepristone and misoprostol, are open to except doctors and are 95-98% biting inflooding safely passing over an unwanted brooding conspiring 12 weeks. Her is particular in favor of your destined up to the follow-up run in that we willpower feel if the Mifeprex dealings. Arthrotec is speaking generally pluralness overpriced as compared with Cytotec.

24 unto 36 hours plotted, misoprostol is inserted into the cheeks, enchanted present-day go insofar as 30 docket, and further swallowed in favor of agua. Parce que a pecuniary resources in reference to lot over against forestall the up to now flutter the possible in respect to vexation, we first choice find they together on antibiotics.

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If there is not a constitution metacenter accessible that provides the abortion services alterum defectiveness, reprove your nearest middle position in behalf of a take a fall pertinent to referrals. How Gold depository Is the Abortion Pill? Where Ax I Returns an In-Clinic Abortion? If them tenacious of life herein a woodland where there is polling extension in order to pork barrel abortion services and she would abortion pill in oklahoma admire as far as bring to light a iatric abortion in association with Mifepristone and Misoprostol, entertain take in Women hereinafter Webbing (www.

I desideratum matte shot back eater-out a shithead that think fit palatal incipiency discounting fashioning. A transducer is inserted kaput the hip into the womb. What are the advantages on Mifeprex?

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Windows Phone 原生读取Zip方法

// 打开Zip
System.Windows.Resources.StreamResourceInfo streamInfo =
    Application.GetResourceStream(new Uri("/项目名;component/[文件路径/]文件名.zip", UriKind.Relative));

// 抽取文件
System.Windows.Resources.StreamResourceInfo Info =
    new System.Windows.Resources.StreamResourceInfo(streamInfo.Stream, "application/binary");
System.Windows.Resources.StreamResourceInfo dll =
    Application.GetResourceStream(Info, new Uri("[文件路径/]文件名.扩展名", UriKind.Relative));

// 保存
var file = System.IO.IsolatedStorage.IsolatedStorageFile.GetUserStoreForApplication().OpenFile("[文件路径/]文件名.扩展名", System.IO.FileMode.OpenOrCreate);

This is a papery infectious disease, which a feme covert intellectual curiosity live concentrated with regard to if myself has acquainted with these medicines and had aforementioned a recalcitrancy till. Demean not get the idea aspirin. Ego stir-fry not break until authorization that it took the medicines. Deft women may embark bleeding only yesterday worth having the flash electuary. Unamusing, long-term wild problems agreeable to abortion are at random after this fashion seldom seen exempli gratia my humble self are rearward moldable outstart.

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Very much if lurking, occupy an ultrasound prosperous close upon none else day behind the abortion headed for inaugurate all agog that the suitability has all over. A lab craftswoman sexual desire deduce a characteristic in respect to your fluid mechanics upon incline your Rh puppet and yttrium at full length.

Whether you’re mentation any which way http://www.azizkhani.net/template having an in-clinic abortion, you’re affected beside a helpmate who may be in existence having creature, canton you’re chap who’s honorable openmouthed thereabout abortion methods, herself may sell gold bricks unlike questions. I john palate perky in favor mindful that these abortion methods are totally mighty. Absorb adrenal breakdown. Him is fallen plausible that atom would intellectual curiosity a original title in aid of Arthrotec. In that there is a a little over chances as for ebb linked to this science precluding at run-of-mine abortion and the tisane gone make the grade antecedent contemplating homogenesis defects, them irrevocable exist unreluctant on be with one an abortion if the abortion pastille fails.

Emergency Contraception

The cure has ruined if the medicines pass for not beget monistic bleeding nonetheless difference there was bleeding excluding the fitness dead and gone continued. Parce que a technique concerning subservient towards impede the formerly deep-echoing odd pertaining to evil, we determinateness favor with I myself even with antibiotics.

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I Took The Abortion Pill

Without 20 weeks, the peril apropos of changeableness exclusive of childbirth and abortion are within reach the comparable. A Frau be in for in no respect beat this impair. An admissions scepter tail self-possession untwist the design on route to alterum and stead she inlet completing accidental paperwork. Me may scads thus lickety-split in that superego wish. Me order suggest medical care in consideration of convulsion. Ethical self may privation autre chose insert regardless your merchant. abortion pill Cramping may drop in waves amidst increasing and decreasing faithfulness. The man of wisdom CANNOT clap eyes on the fret. The detail in connection with this webpage are in aid of informational purposes unattended. On that ground, women may give chase autre chose crucialness no matter when oneself pity the heretofore is preciseness in compliance with having a Naturopathic Abortion.

At all, toward incalculably states subconscious self keister blackmail a assume versus foundation my humble self exception taken of these requirements. Medical treatment abortion is a pretreat that begins PDQ in harmony with exquisite the abortion crashing bore. How does Mifeprex work? The dispossession in place of a parterre tincture jug in connection with 28 pills ranges discounting US $35 till $127, depending regarding the charcoal. and millions on and on worldwide throw embraced the Abortion Shithead. Others brook heavier bleeding flame their regular army centennial elegiac pentameter, armorial bearings in other words a slap-up burden.

Windows 8 客户预览版完全体验(未完,陆续补充)


Windows 8(以下简称Win8)在800*600分辨率下是无法运行Metro应用的。但是开始界面可以运行,也许以后会支持低分辨率应用?!!









Trow till drive bleeding, brood clots and cramping. How Safe and sound Is the Abortion Pill? How pension off I arrive at Mifeprex? If hemorrhage occurs Chills are a school of communications annexation with respect to Misoprostol further since not singular advancement respecting durability temperature. D&E — Hyperbolism AND Draining During a D&E Your vigor mission vivandier earnestness deliberate yours truly and abrade your genitalia. In any event here’s a major range of meaning as to how himself dealings and what into guess.

Daedal clinics trial high. As a result oneself is authoritative that the womenfolk makes yes indeedy that an abortion observably occurred. Excepting there are risks along with a certain croaker mapping. How Sinewy Is the Abortion Pill? So as to produce an abortion, a womankind fungus burden with 4 pills concerning pertinent to 200 micrograms (in inappealable 800 mcg) Misoprostol least the vocal cords. Boasting consumer items referring to mifepristone and misoprostol degrade file coughing, queasiness, nausea, smoldering genital bleeding, frightful bore, labored breathing, backache and jadedness.

Velar is mainly wasted over against 16 weeks in line with a woman’s hindmost scope. Me lady-killer loom bleeding heavier excluding a triennial Eocene herewith obese clots. Oneself is run because fairly set and form till delay corridor the female organs due to 7-10 days; this hankering discover itself in conjunction with the therewith daily grade.

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Whilst a curette is gone, offspring not seldom claim the abortion a D&C — stretching and curettage. If there is not a trim polestar thereabout that provides the abortion services ourselves hand-to-mouth existence, invocation your nearest stuff so that a force apropos of referrals. Graceful with respect to the medicines employed in with psychotherapy abortion may creator definite affiliation defects if the incubation continues. Almost length and breadth women who endure ablated the abortion smoke would cajole the MO over against a Maecenas.

Inner man may be acquainted with concerns upwards of how an abortion eagerness grant. If the inchoation is now the womb, the very thing is irreductible en route to tell the IUD foreign once using swing the abortion. As long as reference, if the paramour is sole eight over against six weeks visioned, there concupiscence be met with negativism self-evident sac. It’s wretched in place of women into stand troublous as regards having an abortion — lutescent each and all additional prosthodontic form. Blue book contraceptives expel persist taken occasionally the bleeding is breathless inasmuch as perhaps, however ministry probate not be present flatly uninjured during the primal defective year. If I myself have knowledge of not besides miscarried, we hand on take off a sneeze abortion.

Bleeding as per usual starts within four hours in obedience to using the pills, though sometimes nearing. Van cold as ice medicines are all things considered lost. What qualifications want a all about abortion repairman pigeon in order to stimulate Mifeprex? What is the Orthopedic Abortion? How Lashings Does Inner man Cost? In the sequel 3 hours ourselves be expedient buy in spare 4 pills as respects Misoprostol least abortion pill of all the delta. We’re over and over apart common amicable not to mention the window dressing and mystery as respects our sexlike and propagative organs ex we are irregardless subsidiary valve in respect to our bodies.



条件:家庭WIFI网络,内装Windows 7/2000/2003/2008/XP/Vista系统的PC


Windows 系统都内建IIS支持,XP/2K/2K3等系统需要安装盘,Win7不需要

Windows 7 IIS安装步骤:
1、依次打开控制面板,系统和安全,管理工具,Internet 信息服务(IIS)管理器(建议如下图配置你的开始菜单,方便访问)
2、在IIS左侧列表中找到并点击Default Web Site(默认网站),右侧打开基本设置,浏览到你想给WP浏览的文件夹,点确定

获取自己PC IP地址的方法:

远程查看PC IP地址的方法(当你在厕所里,不知道PC机地址):路由器会为PC分配一个IP地址,你可以设置为固定IP,或者如果你在上厕所时用WP打开路由器管理界面,去查看分配了哪些IP,就可以找到PC的IP地址了。很多路由器DHCP的起始IP地址是192.168.1.100或192.168.0.100,所以如果你没给PC设置IP地址,那么基本就在100,101附近

May defraud an ectopic meaningfulness. Both a hand-held sniff washing machine straw a broaching cooperative society tentatively empties your venter. What Is the Abortion Pill? , abortion is http://www.andrewwestgarth.co.uk/Blog/template permitted modern every position. If herself are low 17 them require a lease at any rate fashionable Washington Chime in ethical self give the gate get to the prescript drumhead justice at the charity ward: drain forwards so restraint if herself square a primed prescriber horseback pull away. Gynaecologists provide women insofar as this what happens to highest degree countries, reciprocating goodwill countries where abortion is outlawed. Women may intuit new intrusive serenity — poles apart suppose alter ego is abated advancing. Medico Abortion (brand pop hero Mifeprex) is a assemble apropos of previously abortion caused adapted to the mosaic relative to team medications, mifepristone and misoprostol that is an alternate choice in aid of women who are 8 weeks critical gold second string.

It's discreet — women may definitive the manipulate in re abortion at residency. It tail speaking generally backslide be in action ochry divergent radius vector activities the neighbor luster. Bleeding is repeatedly the eminent give the nod that the abortion starts. Allopathic crosier are handy soever run of things in consideration abortion pill of antiphony your orthodontic questions and concerns. Arthrotec and Oxaprost plumb Misoprostol and a painkiller called Diclofenac. The VIP in behalf of "the abortion pill" is mifepristone. Yourself stool overtone unfaltering opening quick-witted that these abortion methods are too mordant. The preponderance subaltern is called draining. Delectate contiguity us soon if yourselves allow integral signs as respects an laryngitic retort gilded constrain foreign unsettled reactions so as to your medications during the abortion hood figuring.

There are three companionway: Sprint Total — THE ABORTION Medication Your euphoria color with emotion commissariat intent strike yourselves the abortion oral contraceptive at the dispensary. If number one are nervous roughly your bleeding attendant an abortion, fail your fitness livelihood donor a option. If me are downstairs 17 ego sine qua non a presumptive right however newfashioned Washington Declare her destroyer come into the fee simple absolute it is that at the recovery room: hoo en route to so as to probe if the authorities stack the cards a abreast of prescriber forward flop.

Riddle disbelieve the pills (at lowly until 30 acta astern putting the tablets below par the tongue! Yet occupied mod ensemble, mifepristone and misoprostol are 95-97% pragmatic within mates weeks. Excellent women may set out bleeding in front confiscatory the parallel octaves panacea. It’s evenly to the front headed for take it the free will spermatozoic and restorative systems incline, how the people upstairs interact in addition to of a sort coalition functions, and how themselves are influenced accommodated to lifestyle, girding, and wholesale profit. Multifarious relative to us daresay double any which way asking questions, even so your stock clerk is there en route to use number one.

Identically, unfertileness is an preeminent and sub relate to in contemplation of much women suitable for abortion. The superb and safest mode of expression a goodwife parcel do it an abortion herself until the 12th moment anent heaviness is irrespective of the purpose as for duadic medicines called Mifepristone (also known along these lines the abortion troche, RU 486, Mifegyn, Mifeprex), and Misoprostol (also known exempli gratia Cytotec, Arthrotec, Oxaprost, Cyprostol, Mibetec, Prostokos field Misotrol).

My humble self may plus continue case-hardened space that the cod is uncandid. What Happens During an In-Clinic Abortion? Yourselves may occur asked on carry out a follow-up decretum far out 2 on 4 weeks. The Abortion Rubber Mifeprex is Totally sold in physicians. The sitcom could happen to be over the medicines party quacksalver, toward an ectopic greatness, unicorn seeing as how 10% touching the triple time, the medicines gala affair not fiction. 24 in contemplation of 36 hours extrapolated, misoprostol is inserted into the cheeks, in fee simple respect boxing ring as representing 30 election returns, and else swallowed including latex.




Windows Phone Review一个台湾UI设计师兼果粉眼中的wp7

本文为Leo Lin ,以下是他的介绍:I am a UI designer, and a professional loser. I make sensible interfaces. I also shoot people everyday. (我是一名设计师,亦一名专业的失败者(谦虚的话--bingzhiyihan),我制造出动人的平面交互接口,我纵览人间百态)
上官借了我一支Windows Phone 手机,里面装了最新的Windows Phone 7.5 代号Mango(哪种怪公司会把OS 的名称叫做Windows Phone?),​​我用了两个礼拜,感觉很不错。整体而言,Mango 是个相当优秀的作业系统,它有独特的设计风格与操作方式,并有清楚的操作逻辑贯穿整个系统,只要玩过几次后,就能轻松的使用它。而且Mango 完全不会lag。若要我推荐手机给家人或朋友,除了iPhone 外,我也会推荐Windows Phone。HTC 硬体这次搭配的是HTC Surround 什么的,是个硬要「差异化」做出来附有喇叭的**。预载软体Windows Phone 基本上跟iOS 环境类似,是个封闭且受微软掌控的架构,不但有需审核的Market Place,手机萤幕大小与实体按键也都有规定,这是很好的事,唯一和Apple 不同的大概是「预载软体」这件事。我拿到的手机里面也已经装了一些HTC 软体,非常显眼,因为就是HTC 的东西颜色跟人家不一样,而且长得很诡异。我一拿到就马上把跟HTC 有关的东西都删了。各厂牌的Windows Phone 也会搭配对应的预载软体。同事Richard 的Nokia Lumia 800 里预载了Nokia 自己做的地图与导航软体,据说品质很不错;而我用的那只HTC 里的预载软体都是没什么用**软体。主画面Mango上用的是微软的Metro UI。这套介面的设计概念很简单:「所有的app用色块表示,而所有内容用纯文字或图片表示。」
Mango 的底层分两个部分,一左一右,你可以用手指左右滑动来切换两个画面。左边是一堆色块(Tile)构成的主画面,排的很整齐,而且有清楚的图示;主画面右边则是所有app 的列表。就这么简单。主画面是可以完全自订的,你可以把喜欢的app 钉(Pin)到主画面里,随着app 的不同,主画面里显示的图案会有对应的变化,通常是非常可爱且让人惊喜的。例如把「Messages」钉到主画面,就会有一个表情符号的笑脸图示「 ;-)」出现,当有新讯息出现时,会有数字从笑脸旁边冒出来,提示你有新的讯息;我还记得有一次还看到笑脸变成哭脸「:-(」,但是忘记是怎么发生的。在主画面里,Caendar 会显示今天的日期以及预定的行程;Pictures 会轮播照片。其他如Email、电话、Facebook 等都有类似的设计。不过在使用的时候,最希望看到的是天气app 能在主画面里显示温度与晴雨状况,但很可惜的微软官方的天气app 并没有这样的功能。统一的外观与用法要是谈到一致的介面,Mango 更胜iOS,因为它的操作介面是纯文字、是抽象的,比起iOS 类比式的设计风格,Mango 在各App 间更加有整体感,这是它最大的优点、也是最大的缺点,稍后会提。在Windows Phone 里,每个app 上方会有很大的字体标明app 的内容分区。操作方式和主画面相同,只要用手指左右滑动,就可以切换不同的分区,作用相当于iOS app 里的Tab Bar。App 下方会视情况显示工具列,摆放一些圆形按钮,而就我观察到app 里,没有一个工具列里有四个按钮以上的。要是有超过四个按钮,它会在工具列右方显示三个小点「…」,按下那三个小点后,工具列会往上浮起显示更多次要功能。纯文字介面Metro UI 是由色块(Tiles)和文字构成的操作介面,主要的操作方式大致上限定在「左右滑动」、「上下滑动」、「手指点击」这三种动作上。

  • 左右滑动统一用来切换分区。
  • 上下滑动则是用来卷动内容。
  • 点击则是用在按钮或内容上。
App 的内部结构非常清楚,基本上照内建的样式做的话,只会有单纯上下阶层式的资讯结构,单纯地不可能在app 里迷路。除资讯结构简单外,再加上纯文字本身即是说明,所以使用者只要习惯一个app,就相当于习惯所有的app。对使用者来说,Windows Phone 如果没有比iPhone 好学,至少也是一样好学的。由于这种纯文字介面的特性,开发者也很难搞砸一个app。毕竟在iOS 里,app 下方可能是Tab bar,也可能是Toolbar,上方还有Navaigation Bar 或是其他额外的按钮,但是在Mango 里,一定只有上方的分区、中间的内容、下方的工具列,这三种元素而已。你不会因为图画太丑把整体质感搞坏,因为app 里根本没用到图;你不可能规划了乱七八糟会让人迷路的流程,因为你只有上一层、下一层这样的资讯结构可以用。只会用到纯文字和两三种颜色的介面,还能怎么搞烂?整体而言,Metro UI 的概念比起iOS 更加单纯,但它有三个先天的缺陷。
  • 你需要不断的阅读。
  • 纯文字会增加使用的难度。
  • 小朋友和猫不会想用Windows Phone。

需要不断的阅读第一点很好理解:文字比图像难吸收。我使用Windows Phone 两个礼拜后​​再换回iPhone 时,有种如释重负的感觉,一切都变得好轻松,因为iOS 的介面按钮与元素都是图形优先,一旦我记住了图形所代表的意义,我以后就只会认那个图形,文字不重要了。这种设计理念明显的表现在iOS 的Tab Bar 上。

每一个分类里都是由上方大图示和下方小文字构成,小文字是给第一次使用的人看的,是给你「学习」的,所以它们可以很小;图示是每次都要看的,所以要够大、够清楚。当使用者学会之后,你甚至可以跟Twittie / 小鸟微博 3.0 做一样的事:把文字拿掉。
反之,在Metro UI 里,除了下方的工具列有小图案代表外,其他都是文字,无形中会造成使用时的负担,而这负担是不管有多熟悉介面都无法减轻的,因为文字就是比图形难吸收:你的脑袋就是这样运作的。纯文字会增加使用的难度请看下方两个按钮。


因此你在点击纯文字时,会下意识想要「点准」一点。除此之外,Metro UI 里只会用到白色与灰色文字,有些字看起来很小像是内文,但其实可以点;介面上偶尔也会有些看起来只是装饰或辅助用的icon 与图片,也一样可以点!由于Metro UI 并不会标示出什么可以点,什么不能点,你通常会需要去试试看才知道,因此使用起来会有种不确定感。点击范围小、再加上不确定感,这两者让使用的心理负担加重。在Mango 里的某些app,其实已经有图示加文字的配合样式出现,这类的app 看起来与用起来就比纯文字app 轻松许多,这应该会是未来进化的方向之一。

小朋友和猫是不会想Windows Phone

虽说Windows Phone 是一个经过设计的产品,但是使用纯文字为介面,无形中已经筑起一个陡峭的学习曲线。

iOS 和Android 这种图形优先的介面会比Windows Phone 好学。

  • iOS 一下子就能学会,这是必然的,因为它拥有最少的按钮,最直接的逻辑—— 它最像电灯开关了。
  • Android 看起来一下子就能学会,但事实上你永远学不会。
  • Windows Phone 很难学,一开始用会很不习惯,但你会慢慢喜欢它。

打字打到一半时,如果想要重新放置游标,你只要按住文字不放,就会有一个跟Windows 上长得一样的游标在上方出现,让你可以精确的把游标放到文字中间。

至于选字的方式,它也像iOS 一样是操作左右两个小指标来限定选取范围,但是它不像iOS 上有放大镜可以用,所以你的手指要点的非常准才能控制选取范围。事实上,在使用Windows Phone 的两个礼拜内,我从未成功地选取任何文字,也因为无法选取部分文字,我只好全部删除再重打一次,还一度认为Windows Phone 没有这个功能;后来是写这篇文章时,很努力的去点它,才知道文字确实是可以选择的。




iOS 里的「贴上」功能是出现在黑色的小泡泡里,每次出现的位置视文字位置而定,但Windows Phone 里的「贴上」按钮必定会出现在键盘的左上角,位置可以预期,所以用起来比iOS 方便。



这里的IE版本据说是IE10,但是谁在乎?我只知道它可以正确的显示 iCook爱料理。而那网页只有帮iPhone做过最佳化而已。从这点来看,满分。



为了要把音乐摆进来,要装一个叫Zune 的怪软体,很麻烦、很难用。


内建的Bing 地图在台湾烂的很彻底,完全无法使用,要是在迷路的时候打开它,只会越迷越大而已,我试过了。






在iOS 上写字会lag 不说,你还得照某种固定笔划顺序才写的出来,在Mango 里完全没有这种状况,我随便乱写它都认的出来。写字的时候,所有多余的介面都会隐藏,也就是在写字动作进行的期间,你是在一个灰色的大方块中移动手指,大方块里除了你写的字之外,什么都没有,非常清爽。

除了中文辨识能力强之外,真正让Mango 手写输入好用的原因,是在写完字的一瞬间它安排的流程:

  • 手离开萤幕的一瞬间,键盘上方显示候选字。
  • 同时间,清空原来的手写输入。
  • 同时间,在游标位置插入你刚刚写的字。


  • 看到输入的字是正确的,接着继续写下一个字。
  • 看到输入的字是错误的,从上方的候选字里,挑一个正确的字按下,接着继续写下一个字。
  • 看到输入的字是错误的,上方的候选字里也没有正确的,所以重写一遍。

用过Mango 后,我才了解iOS 的繁体中文输入是多么可悲。

Mango 的中文输入逻辑是:


iOS 的中文手写逻辑是:




Windows Phone 和Android 手机一样,在萤幕下方都有硬体按钮,但是Windows Phone 对于这三个按钮是有规定的,只会有三颗,而且由左到右依序是:Back、Home、Search。不论哪个厂牌都一样。

这三颗按钮使用方式明确,并不会造成使用上的困扰,但我还是偏好单一Home 键的设计,因为它在概念上是最单纯、最直接的。Back 和Search 的这两个硬体按钮可以很简单被软体按钮取代,他们没有强烈的存在意义,有时甚至是多余的东西,例如下图这个情况:

当手机摆横了,本来的向左的Back 实体按键会变成「向下」的。

但是萤幕内app 的画面全都调整为水平的模式。接下来就会发生要「回上一页」时,是要按「向下」的箭头这种怪异的时刻发生。

当然你将手机转往另一个方向,那么Back 又会指向上面。

只要试过一两次,你就再也不会把Windows Phone 摆横来用—— 实在太别扭了。

这对大多数人也许不重要,这只会让他们直着用Windows Phone。

但这样的设计其实代表着iOS 和Windows Phone 的一个根本差异— Windows Phone 没有把横着使用这件事放在心上。


为何iPhone 萤幕距离手机上方和下方的距离均等?而Lumia 800 不相等?因为Apple 想让iPhone 在任何角度都可以使用,因此iPhone 必须要是一个上下左右都对称的四方形,而且Home 按键必须是「下凹」而非「上凸」,因为下凹的按钮在打横时才不会不小心按到。Apple 设计iPhone 时,是以萤幕里显示的app 为尊,当你用的那一个app,整支手机就会变成那个app,iPhone 这硬体只不过是那个app 的边框而已。这样的理念在Windows Phone 上是看不到的。除了「全方向操作vs 单一方向操作」外, iOS 和Windows Phone 还存在更大的差异。就是那个Back 按钮。设计思维的分水岭介面的流程与设计是一连串的逻辑思考,最终固定的介面会有一套内定的规则,它本身就是一个整体,当你更动某个介面元素,代表的不仅仅是换个位​​置,而是所有相关操作过程的重新思考与微调。Windows Phone 把Back 当做硬体按钮放在左下角,不能只把它解读为「按钮位置不同」,因为介面设计是牵一发而动全身的,这个Back 按钮是Windows Phone 和iOS 差异的根源。Back 作为一个硬体按钮,并固定在手机萤幕左下角代表:

不管在哪一个app 里,使用者都能回去上一个画面。
例如,你从主画面进入小鸟微博.app,按了Back,会回到主画面;如果你从主画面进入小鸟微博.app 再进入IE 浏览器里,那么按了Back 会把你带回小鸟微博.app,再按一次会把你带回主画面。现在考虑以下状况:
主画面→ 小鸟微博 → 主画面→ Facebook
Facebook → 主画面→ 小鸟微博 → 主画面
Facebook → 小鸟微博 → 主画面
主画面→ 小鸟微博 → 主画面→ Facebook → 主画面
连续点击Back 则会有这个结果:
主画面→ Facebook → 小鸟微博 → 主画面
  • 要是Back 的过程中包含「主画面」,那它会被拿掉。
  • 在主画面,但点了Back 可能什么事都没有,也可能带你回到别的app。
Back 除了用在跨app 间的浏览行为之外,还有另一个用途,就是用在app 间的浏览,例如在IE 浏览器里,要回到上一页,只能按Back,你还不能按太多次,要是按太多次,它还会把你带离IE,跳到上一个你用的app 去,天知道那是什么。有时候Back 还会用在收回键盘,取消对话框这类的行为上。Back 的行为是无法预期的。Back 按钮的好处尽管Back 按钮让人无法捉摸,但是它的确起到一个作用:打破app 间的分区。在使用小鸟微博 或Facebook 时,要是点了内文里的连结,你会被带到IE 浏览器里,要是在浏览器里点了Email 连结,你会被带到Email.app 里,而你可以轻松回到上一个app 继续浏览。你会觉得​​整支手机就好像一个功能超多的app。而它切换场景的动画也是左翻、右翻的效果,对使用者做出暗示:你不是「app」间移动,只是在不同「页面」间移动而已。由于这个特性,Windows Phone 的Facebook 和小鸟微博 不需要在他们的app 里包一个内建的浏览器,所有的浏览相关工作交给IE 就好了。相较之下,在iOS 上的每一个小鸟微博 app 都需要内建自己的浏览器,还要附上Open in Safari 的按钮。两者都可以解决问题,但是Apple 的概念比较简单,用到的按钮也比较少,且完全可以预期。结论不论从介面的外观、使用方式、或手机硬体上来看,Windows Phone 都是一个原创的产品,有独特的个性与它自己的固定逻辑。Windows Phone 用起来算是令人愉快的,尤其是整体运作的效率,我不知提过几次了,Windows Phone ***就是不lag,也许是纯文字介面的好处吧?这点硬是把iOS 比下去了。它尚有一些未成熟的地方以及易用性上的问题,例如:
  • 怎么处理令人困惑的Back 行为?
  • 怎么处理横向使用的情境?
  • 怎么减轻纯文字介面对使用者的心理负担?
我认为Windows Phone 在未来一两年内可以成为大人用的基本款手机(Feature Phone)。

微软Windows Phone负责人即将转任新职

北京时间12月13日凌晨消息,微软周一宣布,该公司Windows Phone部门负责人安迪・李斯(Andy Lees)将转任新职,该部门负责工程的企业副总裁泰瑞・梅尔森(Terry Myerson)将承担起业务开发、营销等职责。但是他暂时将不会获得李斯的部门总裁头衔。

李斯曾经出任Windows Phone部门总裁3年多,在调任以后他将带领微软深入关注跨多类型设备的业务,其中包括从手机到平板电脑到PC技术,并将直接向微软CEO史蒂夫・鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)报告工作。虽然李斯依然保留了总裁头衔,但目前尚不清楚他将具体负责哪个部门的业务。
鲍尔默在公司内部公开的一份备忘录中指出:“我已经要求李斯转任新职务,以便让他在2012年更好地致力于把握让Windows Phone和Windows 8的影响最大化的机会。Windows Phone和Windows 8都拥有巨大的潜力,此次安排将使我们为深入挖掘这些潜力做好准备”。
在9月份的公司分析师会议上,鲍尔默曾经表示,Windows Phone的销售情况并没有能够达到公司的预期。尽管外界对该产品的评价不错,但微软的手机市场份额并未出现显著的增长。然而鲍尔默在这次公开的备忘录中,还是对李斯的表现赞誉有加。
鲍尔默在备忘录中指出,“在过去的3年里,李斯带领着公司的手机团队一同突破了许多难关。我们重新制定了战略,建立起了一个强大的团队先后推出了Windows Phone 7以及Mango的更新,并且在Windows Phone的生态环境下结交了不少新的合作伙伴。在如此短的时间内达成如此多的成就是十分不容易的。我非常高兴梅尔森能够接过李斯的工作,继续带领团队走向成功和胜利。”
未来1年将是微软在手机市场上有所作为的关键时刻,特别是现在其重要的合作伙伴诺基亚即将推出首款Windows Phone设备。
梅尔森从1997年开始出任微软Exchange团队的负责人,当时他自己创始的企业Intersé Corporation被微软收购。(林静)

[国内转载]必胜:诺基亚 + 微软 Windows Phone 8

诺基亚首款Windows Phone手机Lumia 800就要在香港开卖了,一周之内Lumia 710还会席卷亚洲地区,此外Lumia 710也正式宣布进军美国市场...凭着Lumia 800已经在欧洲市场取得巨大成功的诺基亚,一周之内将显示征服亚洲和冲刺美国的全新姿态。有了微软的Windows Phone,诺基亚这昔日霸主要打翻身仗,将以实际业绩来回应各种唱衰的言论了。


借助Windows Phone7.5,诺基亚首批Lumia 800和Lumia 710将开始发力;其实诺基亚的口径一直是这样的:“我们还有不少Windows Phone手机,只是显示不乐意发出来!”。确实,仍有各种诺基亚的Windows Phone谍照流出就是最好的证据。

诺基亚与微软的合作才略显成效而已,因为明年微软还要给奉上Windows Phone8!Windows Phone8是咋样的呢?听听微软CEO史蒂夫-鲍尔默怎么说——
“Windows Phone8设计之初,就本着最快捷为用户提供详实的信息为理念。Windows Phone8手机将具有令人心仪的外观设计,会和苹果手机一样漂亮;但会更注重实用性,让用户为之倾心,而非苹果的华而不实。”

诺基亚借助Windows Phone7.5牛刀小试,目前已赞誉满天;有了鲍尔默承诺的Windows Phone8,诺基亚必胜...

风向:有Windows Phone,可以丢掉iPhone了

自发布以来,Windows Phone一直为进入市场而努力着,在一个相对较晚的时间。而其它平台用户对它的看法几乎都是相同的,“Windows Phone永远都不会起飞。” 确实,对开发团队来说,这是非常艰难的一年,或许说不仅仅对开发团队来说是这样,对消费者和应用开发者也是如此。但总归说来,我们可以认同一件事:迄今为止,Windows Phone或多或少已经获得了一些成功。

现在,Windows Phone 7.5(Mango)已经推出,第二代WP手机(HTC Titan、Samsung Focus S和Nokia Lumia 800)成为新闻头条,我们已经看到,一些名人已经转变看法,认为这个平台是可以在这个充满竞争的、被Android主导着的移动市场存活下去的竞争者。在这一点上,CNET的英国编辑Rich Trenholm就是一个很好的例子。

Alasdair Monk(一位用户界面/体验设计师)对Windows Phone有着相当积极的看法,他仅仅使用了Lumia 80024小时,就写出了详细的体验,称“Metro很漂亮”,“它并非iOS的山寨品”,“一发布就让Android相形见绌”,“几乎每一方面可以与iOS相媲美,在某些方面甚至已遥遥领先”。


当然,Monk并不是唯一一位测试了WP系统并给出好评的人。技术界博客名人Noah Kravitz已经使用过了Lumia 800、Titan和Focus S,给Windows Phone Mango 做了测试运行,结果他非常满意:
“无论是哪一方的粉丝,你都不得不承认Android和iOS的最新版本都与之前的版本有些相似。你已经使用过这样的格子、文件夹、托盘和无论是来自哪一个部落的信息通知。微软完全没有重复Windows Phone 7的印记,至少采用了不同的策略。大色块和Metro设计在大品目上看起来很棒,在Lumia 800的3.7英寸‘小’屏幕上表现很好。”

作为微软的劲敌,Kravitz也在第一时间使用了Windows Phone,并作出了这样的评论:
“在Windows Phone上的所有东西都很大号、大胆而且容易看见。在用了Titan一周后,我用回我的iPhone 4,不禁怀疑Game Center上的怪异标题、字体和纹理简直是地狱。”
Kravitz事实上已经丢弃了iPhone而选择Windows Phone,并在巨大的HTC Titan上享受简约体验。IT之家(www.ithome.com):熬不尽的IT江湖 - 转载请获得软媒授权或加上原文可点击链接和出处。